Penn State's Resource for Academic Information and Requirements

Using this Bulletin

The Undergraduate Bulletin is Penn State’s comprehensive source for undergraduate academic information and program requirements. Design you500彩票网可以购彩了么r own, unique academic path by exploring over 600 programs and 11,000 courses offered at one of the world’s leading research institutions. Discover new opportunities as you500彩票网可以购彩了么 pursue you500彩票网可以购彩了么r academic passions.


Academic Information

Understanding academic information, learning common Penn State terminology, and knowing where to find important University policies will allow you500彩票网可以购彩了么 to make informed choices during you500彩票网可以购彩了么r academic career. Explore options and learn about resources that may help you500彩票网可以购彩了么 on you500彩票网可以购彩了么r academic journey.


General Education

Connecting career and curiosity, the General Education curriculum provides the opportunity for students to acquire transferable skills to support future success and to thrive while living in a rapidly changing world. Craft you500彩票网可以购彩了么r own General Education program to expand you500彩票网可以购彩了么r knowledge across disciplines and create meaningful connections for a better tomorrow.